Best baby Cot Bed And Crib 2020

Best baby Cot Bed And Crib 2020

The baby cot bed has always played an important role in a child’s childhood. Especially in the first three years after birth. A good baby cot can relieve the pressure of parents and ensure that the family has a good quality of sleep.

The designer is purposeful when designing the crib for babies. For example, some cribs are prepared for newborns, next to me crib focus on the needs of parents, and some cot beds are designed for long use. So parents should also choose nursery cribs with purpose. You need to know what you are looking for.

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The type of baby cot bed you want

Swinging crib

It’s not difficult to understand that this is a crib that can shake the newborn to sleep. The rocking crib can be used from birth. If you want a crib that can help you gently and peacefully rock your little one to sleep with ease, then the swinging crib is worth considering. Of course, you will not merely get a baby cradle, usually, a crib will integrate multiple functions in one. You still have a lot of options.

Travel baby cot

 As the name suggests, the travel baby cot can be carried with you and is very friendly to parents who often go out. Maybe your little one can’t adapt to the ever-changing environment. Using a fixed cot will make your baby feel relaxed and at ease. Therefore, portability and lightness become their irreplaceable advantages.

Bedside cribs

This is a very practical crib. It is dangerous for a newborn to sleep without the sight of parents, and the toddle feels safer when he/she is accompanied by parents. It also becomes easy for parents to look after their children at night. The beside cribs perfectly meets the needs of parents and children. I have to say that this is a great creation.


Maybe many parents don’t know how to choose between the baby cot bed and cot. The cot is suitable for infants from birth to 0-3 years old. Its use time is not as long as a cot bed, but it does not take up a lot of space, with wheels at the bottom that can be moved. For parents with limited bedroom space, a cot is a good choice.

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If you want to get a long-term return through a one-time investment, the baby cot bed with drawer is absolutely worth the money. It can convert the crib into a junior bed and sofa bed according to different stages of children, and the use time is about 6 years. But be prepared for crowding. If you put it in your bedroom, it will make your room look small.

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What do you need to consider?

In addition to knowing the type of crib you need, there are several factors you need to consider when buying a crib.

Comfort of use 

Cribs are not only about babies but also about families. A good baby cot bed can provide a great convenience in life. In the use of the crib, parents will have actions to take out and put in many times. The crib should be high enough to avoid constant bending over.

Adjustable mattress

Whether the mattress can be adjusted is also a key selection factor, especially for the bedside cribs. To take care of the baby conveniently at night, the height of the mattress should match the edge of the parents’ bed. But during the day, the mattress can be adjusted up, to better communicate with the baby or change diapers.


Parents should always be vigilant. For the newborn, the danger is everywhere, you can’t be too careful. The especially wooden crib must ensure that the paint is safe and harmless. To be on the safe side, the newly bought crib should be placed in a ventilated place for a period of time before use. It’s not only for cots but also for all items involving babies, such as nursery furniture sets, cot bedding, strollers, clothes, toys, etc.

Baby cot bed with drawer

Basic items such as diapers, baby bottles, bedding, or even toys, are best placed within reach. So a storage basket or a drawer is very helpful for storing baby supplies.

Size of the baby cot bed

Plan the position of the crib and the range of free space. This will not only make the most of the space but also help you narrow down the selection. Kill two birds with one stone.

Budget and design

Finally, within your budget, choose a crib that matches your home decor style. After our investigation and research, white cot and cot bed, grey cot and cot bed are the most classic colors, and many families choose. There are also many parents who choose pink baby bed bedding for girls.

portable mini cribBest Travel Cot Mini Bedside Cot

  • Style: crib
  • Adjustable Height: 80-85cm
  • Weight: N.w-7kgs  G.w-9 kgs
  • Outside size: 90*54cm
  • Inner size: 85*47cm
  • Pack dimensions: 94x14x60cm




This is a portable mini cot with three functions. You can use it as a swinging crib, a travel baby cot, and a bedside crib. Wooden newborn rocking cribs are common on the market, but they can only be used at home during the day, cannot be carried, and are not suitable for use as a bedside bed.

3 in 1 function

A rocking crib. After adjusting the height of the sleeping basket, turn the switch on the side, the bassinet can be shaken like a cradle with an amplitude of 12°. Simple and convenient operation.

Use as a bedside crib. Zip down one side of the panel to hold the crib snug against the bedside. Thanks to the 4 castors with brakes, the crib will not move freely. The bottom is a retractable foot design that can adopt different types of beds.

The portable travel cot. Tool-free folding and disassembly. Parents can take this mini crib on an airplane, use in a hotel, or put it in the trunk of the car.


Newborns are not suitable for using pillows. It can raise the head by about 5° to reduce vomiting and protect the newborn’s stomach. The large storage basket hanging at the bottom is a typical feature of a good crib. The side retractable foot can be shortened to about 50 cm, which can easily pass through narrow passages such as door and elevator entrance.

Bedside Cribs Bedside Cribs Baby Bed With Bassinet 

  • Style: cot
  • Weight: 31 LBS
  • Expand: 49“ * 27.6” * 30“
  • Folding: 31” * 39“ * 7.8”
  • Mattress size: 120*60cm



This crib is cost-effective. The first floor is a playpen, suitable for daily parent-child activities. The second floor is the sleeping area for 0-3-year-old babies. When you grasp all its features, you will love it.

All in one function

The large and sturdy newborn crib. It can hold a 120*60cm mattress, which is more than enough for newborns. Unlike ordinary wooden beds, this crib has soft cushions and guard rails. No matter how babies roll, they will not be injured by bumps.

Cradle function. You may be surprised that this bed has the function of a cradle. Don’t doubt, it is indeed an amazing crib. It has a hidden rocker at the bottom, and when you need it, just hold it up and a stable newborn cot becomes a rocking crib. Very simple operation.

A perfect bedside crib. The side fence of the crib can be lowered to hold the crib snug against the bedside. Besides the casters with brakes to limit the movement of the crib, there are extra wide and long ropes to tie the crib and the parents’ bed.

Diaper table. It comes with a compatible diaper table. Put it on the edge of the crib and use it immediately. You can change diapers quickly without bending down.

The play bed. On the first floor is a game bed with a zipper window. Babies aged 0-6 can play games and toys in it. Moms don’t have to clean the messy room after the game is over. It’s also an excellent storage space for toys and daily necessities.

The travel cot. If you need to take your little one on a long-term business trip or move temporarily, this portable crib is definitely the best choice. It is more comfortable than the mini crib, lighter, and easier to carry than the wooden crib.


The more detail-oriented Nursery Crib is worth buying. This portable crib is not a lacquered crib, which is different from the traditional wooden crib on the market. It has no bad smell and contains no formaldehyde, so it is safer. The legs of the crib have hidden wheels, and the entire crib can be moved by lifting one side. Cute toys are hanging on the top, which can not only attract the attention of babies but also exercise their grip. Since the cot is large, some considerate parents will prepare a baby nest in the crib for the newborn.

white baby cot bedWhite Wooden Mothercare Cot Bed

  • Style: cot bed
  • Size: 146*73.5*81cm
  • Mattress size: 140*70cm
  • Adjustable Height: Three different heights




The clean and fashionable classic white wooden cot bed is the best choice for any nursery theme. Safety is the top priority. Made of natural New Zealand pine, this 4 in 1 mothercare cot bed is safe for the kids’ health. Multiple adjustable heights and expandability also allow it to accompany the child from birth to puberty.

4 in 1 function

As a baby cot bed, also the most basic function, It can accommodate a cot mattress 140*70cm. The cot has been carefully polished, the simple lines are graceful and smooth, and the cylindrical railing is easy for babies to touch and grasp. When your child can climb over the fence or is tall enough, it’s time to change the cot to a day bed, a playpen, or a full-size bed. You can achieve the conversion by removing part of the fence or adjusting the height of the mattress. The only regret is that you need to purchase bedding separately, including the cot mattresses.


You can adjust the baby cot bed to the corresponding three heights according to the age of the baby. The 56mm circular fence design allows babies to explore the beautiful world outwards. This also complies with ASTM/CPSC safety standards. Not only that, the white paint is an environmentally-friendly water-based plant paint. The paint has no formaldehyde and unpleasant odor, which can effectively protect the wood and bring a smooth feeling at the same time.

Moses Basket blueKinder Valley Moses Basket

  • Item Weight: 2.12 kg
  • Product Dimensions: 86 x 47 x 30 cm; 2.12 Kilograms


This is not only a basket but also a work of art, full of retro atmosphere and artistic sense. Imagine that the sun is shining outside the window, and the immature little life just born sleep peacefully in this beautiful Moses basket. What a beautiful picture!


Unlike a crib or a cot, it has no additional functions, just a bassinet exclusively for newborns under 6 months. Due to its cute shape, exquisite production, and cheap price, this Moses basket is very popular among young parents. Many buyers think it is worth the money. In order to allow easy air movement and heat dissipation, the mattress is waterproof and breathable. It should be noted that the compatible Kinder Valley Folding Stand needs to be purchased separately.

playpenInfant Travel Cot Baby Play Pen

  • Product Dimensions: 28.5” x 28” x 40”
  • Item Weight: 13.6 kg


The plastic playpen is ideal for parents who want to combine infant travel cot bed with activity centers. The baby play pen is designed to be easy to assemble and disassemble, making it perfect for travel, vacation, visiting friends and family, or your own home.

2 in 1 function

The second floor is the place where the baby sleeps. The air mesh fence is used around it. The top of the fence can accommodate toys. The easy-to-clean diaper changes provide a place for quick diaper changes and can be removed for washing.

The first floor is the baby playpen, where babies can play with toys during the day or take a lunch break. With zipper windows on the side, allowing babies to come and go freely.


Thanks to the six legs, this baby playpen is stable and safe enough and can be completed by one person. It features a large storage basket, a lovely toy pendant, and easy to carry back, all of which provide a great convenience for your travel.

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