How to Choose the Best Electric Ride On Car

How to Choose the Best Electric Ride On Car

Driving is a very interesting and exciting experience not only for adults but also for children. It gives the kid a sense of freedom and adventure to passing the passenger by. For children, this may be an ideal way to help them learn and develop motor skills. So among the children, kids on the electric car are the king in the ground and will earn their friends admire eyes. While having an electric toy car is rather an easy thing because it’s not cheap with good workmanship and a realistic outlook. There are so many children’s electric cars on the market from remote control ride on car to the self-drive car. Faced with so many choices, parents should know how to choose your ideal one. Here are some factors that should be taken into consideration.

Safe: Although the electric car design to provide a real thrill to your kid, safety is always the top priority to think about. If your kid is below 5 years old and has no sense of safe driving, the remote control ride on car is the choice you should make. Unlike the self-drive car, the children’s electric cars with remote control are safer because parents can control the car in case of danger. Meanwhile, driving is a funny thing especially when parents get involved, with the remote control electric car, the child can not only enjoy the fun of independent driving but also makes the parents involved.

Speed: The most speed of a toy car is among the 2.5 to 5mph, which can also give the kid the real driving experience. The best electric ride on the car always have more choice, the adjustable speed is friendly and comfortable to the new driver, and children can experience the speed up from low speed to high speed.

Battery performance: Battery is the direct factor that is related to the fun of driving. The best battery-powered cars for kids can work for hours, providing long-lasting fun to the kid without recharge again. The battery of electric cars 2 seater runs fast than the one seater.

After careful analysis of the power wheels on the market, we have selected some of best electric ride on cars.


12V Kid Electric Ride on Car with Remote Control


We have to say that we are fall in love with this electric ranger over at the first sight. It’s a luxury for any adventures that comes with impressive design. The kid can open the jeep door like the real jeep and walk out from the car. The aggressive look adds more cool to the outlook makes it ideal for adventure. The double seaters ride on car is suit for 3-5 years old with a maximum speed of up to 2.5 mph. Based on the safety, the jeep ranger over is equipment with remote control, parent can easily track the trace of the little and control the car when danger occurs. The two seats enable your two kids to play together and enjoy the thrilling of driving. What’s more, there are many luxury designs to make this car more attractive. You can plug in the MP3 in the media center and play music or funny stories. So kids can enjoy all kinds of entertainment. The comfortable large space PU leather with the safety belt for safe driving and bright LED light is visible even at night. Three adjustable speed enables to accelerate progressively, kid can drive forward or back with one button switch. All in all, this ride on car is a good battery car for kids that safe and carefully design.


  • Looks real like
  • 12V rechargeable battery
  • 2 opening doors for driver and a passenger
  • Led lights, entertainment system, horn and engine sound
  • Suitable for 2 kids
  • Made with an external charging port


  • Compared with one seat car, the working time is shorter.

Wrangler Style Jeep 4X4 Red


It’s another great choice for those who are looking for the classic and unique look of the jeep. The electric ride on cars 12v focuses more on the luxury interior design, it’s the best choice for the kids who love comfort and entertainment. It suits more for two younger children or one older child who like faster speed, The twin 12v Motors has two speed available 2.5 mph and 5 mph which can also lock the faster speed. When driving time is approaching, children can simply jump into the car because there is no door to worry about, You kid can fully enjoy the excitement of driving. The large space enables the kid to share the fun of driving with their bros or friends. The large wheels have enough power to drive on the flat road to even off-road. Kids can drive it on the yards by easily manipulating the one-button switch, foot pedal, and remote control radio. This is a battery car for kids that don’t need to prompt at the gas station, the battery can drive for hours with pleasure when it is fully charged. The vehicle has a wide range of options and can listen to music. It is a successful design and can be entertained at the outside of the house.


  • Accommodate for two kids
  • Experience the real horn sound
  • No door need to worry about
  • Higher driving speed


  • Difficult to assemble

Mercedes Benz GT4 AMG Sports Edition Ride On Toy Car


This Mercedes Benz GTR licensed children ride on car is the coolest option to drive on the road, passenger will turn their heads again and again for its spectacular design and high fashion outlook. We believe it can impress even those who don’t particularly love the car world. It is carefully designed to mimic the real Benz car that can fully satisfy all kids. Kids can enter the vehicle from either side of the door and start to drive this luxury car. The comfortable car seat as well as the safety belt give the child a long time of fun without feeling uncomfortable. There is a battery indicate from where children can know exactly how much fun they have left to drive. Although it only for one kid to have one, it’s still the best racing ride by car. If you are worried about a birthday gift or Christmas gift, we highly recommend this Benz, we believe it’s such a big surprise for your little one.


  • High fashion look
  • Power level display
  • Four wheels suspension
  • Two opening door


  • Only for one driver.

Ricco12V 10A Kids Electric Ride On Fire Engine

Give your little hero his or her own fire truck key and let them save a day by using this fire truck riding list. This ride on fire engine is designed to let your little realize his fireman dream and start the exciting journey of being a fireman.
Powered by a 12V battery, this kid’s ride on fire engine is of many cool features. There are lots of interesting fireman’s voices and sirens with lights, kids ride on the truck will attract the attention of the passerby, the kid is ready to take actions. There are two ways of control, the kid can drive the toy car independent or control the car by parents to ensure safety. Moreover, both front and rear wheels are equipped with a spring suspension system to ensure smooth and comfortable riding. It is an ideal choice that can help your child to pursue their love of firefighters in style.


  • Imitate the real design of fire engine.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Amazing outlook.


  • The price is high.
  • A little heavy.

Things to be noticed:

All ages kids love riding, but we recommend the kids age 2-8. When you buying the ride on vehicles, it’s very important to figure out whether the product suits your kid or not.
What’s more, you should also consider the height and weight of the child. Usually, kids are different in development, so the height and weight may have a great variation in height and weight. Please notice that there are so many limits for each car especially for 2 seater kids electric car.
Drive at the safe place under the guidance of parents: Please remember safety is first. Make sure that the kids drive on your yards or a safe road that far away from the speeding cars and trucks. Keep an eye on your kids when they play and use the remote control option. It can not only keep your kid safe but also can enhance the interaction with your loved one.
All the selections we choose are safety guaranteed, but you still need to pay attention to the battery and charging time. Charging time also varies depending on the situation. It is believed that the battery should be charged within 18 hours. And the attached functions like speakers or music players also make the battery runs faster. It is recommended to plan the battery time and avoid over-charge.


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