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Baby Prams FAQ

The baby pram may be one of the most important tools for parenting. For many parents waiting, it's usually impossible to know how to choose a stroller that suits your lifestyle.

To choose a practical pram or pushchair that suits the development of the infant, one needs to fully consider every detail of the baby pram to ensure it can suit your child.

Types of the newborn pram

3 in 1 pram: 3 in 1 pram is also known as the travel system that consists of the baby pushchair and car seat, thanks to the multi-functional design, it can turn into a car seat stroller, a baby carrier, a carrycot pram, and a crib.

Double pram: Double pram is a special design for the twin that have large space to accommodate two infants, for moms, it's no longer a headache to take two kids out. But compared with the most single pram, the double stroller tend to bigger and bulkier, so it takes up more space.

Umbrella stroller: Umbrella stroller is a kind of lightweight travel stroller that suits for the on-the-go lifestyle. It is very easy to store and out into the trunk.

Helpful features to look for in a stroller

Safety: Safety is the top priority when you consider buying a pram for newborns. A good pram should have under the strict test of EU and EN1888. This is the basic safety requirement for pram.

Bassinet: Newborns spend most of the time sleeping and lying in the bassinet when they outside, so the bassinet should be spacious and breathable in all seasons. It should also be equipped with mesh window for easy observation.

Five-point safety belt:The five-point of safety belt is equipped on the pram can keep your little one safe when they sitting in it.It can prevent your kid from falling down or unpredictably danger.

Wheels: One of the most important element you should pay attention is the wheel. The pram wheel usually decide the lifespan of pram. For good wheels, they are made of high quality rubber, it can easily deal with all kind of roads without explosion and inflation.

Big canopy: Big canopy is a must-have item on pram which can provide a sunshade to protect baby from sun and light rain. Besides, it should have ventilate window to keep the carrot breathable, and you can also keep an eye on here.

Storage basket: The large storage basket can hold daily necessaries and it can also free your hands while shopping, it will make your life much easier.

Different prams suit for different stages, when you try to find out when to move baby from pram to pushchair, you should first of all figure out the difference between the two. Generally speaking, the baby pram is preparing for the newborn and it can provide spacious space for the infant to lie and sleep. While the pushchair is especially for the infant that can sit alone.

There are many indicators that can highlight the infant is ready to transition from a carrycot into a pushchair. Signs that need to be noted include when your baby can control head/neck movement when they can sit alone, and when they can comfortably fit into the seat belt.

One of the most common questions we receive is whether baby can sleep in the carrycot overnight.
Short answer--No.
Actually, there is no bassinet pram that can meet the standard of safe to stay overnight regardless of material size and shape.

The carrycot of the pram is much narrower than the baby crib, which means that there is less room for safe sleep. Even if the mesh side is breathable, when the baby's nose is pressed against the mesh, it will block the nose, leading to the risk of suffocation. Since babies can almost only breathe through the nose until they are at least four months old, it is important to ensure that they have enough sleeping space.

First of all, babies less than six months old need to be kept out of direct sunlight.

If you go out when it’s hot, please pull the canopy over your infant to keep them out of direct sunlight. Don't use a cloth that covers the pram, as it could make temperatures too hot within.

Remember to apply sunscreen to your baby regularly, and make sure it’s at least 15 (SPF).