Reborn Dolls


The reborn baby dolls are known as the real lifelike baby dolls that are designed according to the baby in real life. To make the reborn baby as realistic as much, the artist has spent much time focusing on details. Thanks to the fine craftsmanship, the finished baby doll has human expression, posture, and features. You can hardly recognize it at first glance. There are various kinds of different reborn dolls made from different materials and different styles. From the silicone reborn dolls to the clothes body doll, from the newborn reborn dolls to the young children, the realistic baby doll enriches our life and gives the doll lover much fun.

I believe the full body silicone baby is the first option for most doll lovers. Made of environment friendly material that safe even to your kids, silicone can show all the wrinkles, chubby baby rolls, and lines of a real-life baby, creating some of the most realistic baby dolls at a fraction of the price of a reborn baby.
With lifelike looking and real feeling, a realistic silicone baby will earn your little one heart. Kids can swim and bathe together with it, they can also adjust their limbs and legs to change positions, so it is quite a good company.

Taking care of the lifelike baby doll is an interesting way for our children to play. Watching a child feed, shake, and hold another child is the most lovely thing. Every child needs a newborn baby doll so the kid is going to be a big brother or big sister. Another important reason for any child to have a reborn doll is that play can encourage life skills, such as taking care of others.

Baby dolls are great birthday and Christmas gifts, but when you introduce new siblings to your family, don't forget that they will help you. Whatever doll you choose, your child will spend hours playing with it.

Do you love babies, but are you too young to prepare or have no children of your own? Do you want to become a qualified mom that can easily cope with the baby problems? You can consider adopting a reborn baby. Although the realistic baby is not cheap, it turns out it worth the price.

Adopting a lifelike baby doll is of great interest. There is so much fun to has a doll baby. Since reborn baby dolls are as fragile as the infants, so taking care of them would be like taking care of your own child. Remember to warm milk and cover a fleece blanket to have a good nap, you can also change its diapers and put it on beautiful clothes to make your little one cute. Why not DIY some milk bottles or pacifiers for him? There are many videos on YouTube where you can learn how to make simple bottles or pacifiers for a reborn baby. DIY will not only save money but also you can feel the satisfaction of taking care of others.

Since the cute reborn normally join your family, it’s high time to introduce it to your friends and family if you like. To make it have a happy time, you can take it out and join the community or make new friends with a new baby or toddler. Take the cute reborn doll out for a walk. Stroller around with your luxury stroller, give it a pacifier and then stuff it all in the stroller.

Lifelike dolls are beautiful works of art, and I believe every kid will be excited to have such a beautiful work of art. Playing with it will not only help their emotional growth and intellectual development, and but also learn to take care of their dolls. They will make friends with it and take care of it as parents do, just as parents take care of their children, which makes them independent because they learn how to clean dolls, dress them up and bathe them with love.

Reborn baby doll is not a cheap product, due to its fine workmanship and good material, the price of reborn baby doll on market is between 100-300 dollars. While to some extent, the reborn baby is more like an artwork than a product because the artists spend devastate time and focus from design to finished products. There are so many factors that determine the price of reborn doll.

Material plays a very important role for a lifelike doll, generally speaking, the full silicone baby is much expensive than the cloth baby. Because the silicone is water-resistant and can show every detail of the newborn.

The size of reborn also plays an important role in determining the price. Compared with the tiny reborn dolls, the cost of the large realistic reborn doll is higher. Thus, the price increases with size because the artist spends much time and effort in making a big doll.

Hair selection is another important reason that results in the high cost of the baby doll. For high quality mohair, it takes a very long time to make the hair smooth and soft, the price will be $200 or more. On the contrary, if you choose the coated hair doll, the price will be far lower.

There is a kind of baby doll called real lifelike baby doll. They look like they're reborn but they made in factories. If you have a limited budget and want a real life looking baby doll as a gift, they are the right choice. In fact, realistic baby dolls, including reborn dolls, cost between $50 and $300.

One of the great advantages of full body silicone baby is that you can put it in the water at any time. It also gives you more freedom when you shampoo. While the doll with cloth body is very easy to be affected by water, not dried correctly may result in mold. So we don't recommend you put the reborn doll with cloth body into the water.