5 Best Baby walkers in 2020

5 Best Baby walkers in 2020

All parents are eager to witness the first steps taken by a wobbly toddler with their own eyes. Before this exciting time comes, you may have to endure the fall and failure of your little one again and again. For this reason, most families will choose to use a baby walker to help kids walk more steadily.

Once kids learn to stand independently, they can learn how to walk in a short time. The baby walker is their best helper and the push along walker effectively helps your kid learn walking skills quickly and exercise leg muscles. So it is very important to choose the right walker at the right time.

baby push walker

Age of using the baby walker

Most infants start to move around when they are about one year old, eager to explore higher places on their own. This means they want to stand and walk subconsciously. Although most walkers are suitable for children aged 6 months to 3 years, the best time to use the walker is when the kid is 8-12 months old.

Of course, there is a difference in the time when a child starts to walk. The time when parents give the baby a walker depends on the child’s own pace.

There have been many voices against the use of walkers. These opponents believe that the use of walkers will adversely affect the development of the legs and limit the children’s freedom to a large extent. It is undeniable that everything has two aspects. However, as long as you master the correct and scientific method of use, you can make it function and avoid harm.

How to use the baby walker safely

It is very dangerous for the children to leave the sight of parents while using a walker. With the help of a walker, they can walk as fast as they can and can touch objects in higher places. These may bring security risks.

Therefore, parents should not leave them when the baby is practicing walking with a walker. No matter which type of walker you choose, this is the most important. If you cannot do it, then we do not recommend you to buy a walker.

It is also very important that the baby should not use the walker for more than half an hour each time, and about 20 minutes is the most suitable.

Types of the baby walker

There are three types of common baby walkers on the market. One is a traditional sit-in baby walker with a seat. This sit to stand walker allow kids to rest at any time when they are tired. It can also be used as a chair.

The other is that the push walker has no seat. At this time, the toddler can stand alone, but walks and swings. This kind of walker is more like a baby walker toy with many toys and music. In the game, kids will learn to walk without knowing it.

There is also a baby walking harness, which requires the assistance of parents to complete, but it is very safe and effective.

According to statistics, parents prefer the wooden baby walker and think it is more durable. All these types have their own advantages and disadvantages, but they can all meet the needs of the toddler.

Girls Baby Walker for Sale with Activity Tray

sit in baby walker


  • Washable cushion
  • Has toys and sound
  • Easy to fold down
  • Three height positions
  • Easy-to-wipe activity tray
  • Has a great support ring-shaped cockpit


  • It becomes small for the kid quickly


This is a traditional style baby walker with bright colors, lights, and musical toys. The baby sit-in walker is most suitable for kids who are just starting to learn to walk. That’s because its circular cockpit provides more support for the kid.

This pink walker for baby girls has three height settings, which can be adjusted as the baby grows. It suits toddlers up to 15 kg. The color of green and blue is the walker for baby boys.

Along with a foldable design, this beautiful pink baby walker features a removable toy station with various lights and music built-in. So your child can enjoy these toys and songs while learning to walk. 

It is equipped with six universal wheels to ensure the flexibility of movement. The wheels are sturdy enough to work equally well on the floors as well as on the carpet.

The detachable cushion and tray can be easily washed and wiped if the kid makes it dirty.

Sit In Baby Walker With Wheels

baby walker for girl and boy


  • Affordable Price
  • Suitable for most kids
  • Compact design that can be folded down with ease.
  • 5 adjustable heights and 4 adjustable cushion
  • Suitable for carpet and hardwood floors


  • Without toys
  • babies with chubby thighs are hard to move the baby in and out of the seat


Basic black and white color and simple style, the adjustable sit in walker with wheels, is consistent with the overall decoration style of the room. The simple things are often the best to use.

In terms of details, this baby walker does the best. The seat cushion has four adjustable gears and its height offers five height positions to help make sure your baby’s little feet can actually reach the floor. It features 8 wheels and a wide round base to keep the walker moving forward smoothly and prevent rollover. The large tray wrapped around the side of the baby, which makes it harder for your baby reach to things to their right or left.

The walker itself uses high-quality environmentally friendly non-toxic PP plastic, and the thick, padded cushion ensures your little love is comfortable while they scoot around.

It is very light and can be folded into a thin form, which can be conveniently stored under the bed. Since it does not have any toys, in order to prevent the baby from getting bored during use, additional toys need to be prepared.

Baby Walking Harness Baby Reins

baby walker harness


  • Save space
  • Easy to carry
  • Good for balance


  • Parents need careful care


Some parents may have worries and anxieties in the face of baby walkers, but still, hope that their kids can learn to walk without injury. Then this baby walking harness is a good choice.

When toddlers get rid of the shackles of walkers, their range of activities is greatly increased. Whether at home or outdoors, kids can boldly try and get familiar with all kinds of uneven roads. Parents can take them to stroll on the lawn, breathe fresh air, and get in touch with nature. Unknown things can always attract the baby’s attention, which is also the infinite motivation for them to continue to step forward.

Compared with walkers, these reins for toddlers exercise the baby’s ability to walk independently. Without the support and dependence of cushions and trays, infants need to walk solely on their own leg strength and body balance. On the other hand, parents can directly observe and adjust the baby’s walking posture in time. On the safety level, the baby walking harness needs parents to follow the baby’s pace at all times, which also greatly reduces the potential danger.

Wooden Baby Walkers Toy

wooden baby walker


  • No battery
  • Made entirely of durable wood
  • Help improve the fine motor skills of the baby


  • The wheels do not have brakes


This wooden baby walker toy will be a fond memory of childhood, and it can remain the same even after your child reaches adulthood. Most likely your grandchild will take over this meaningful walker. The solid wooden structure, rich colors, and interesting graphic toys make it never out of date no matter what age it is in.

The whole board of the push walker is filled with all kinds of eye-catching toys, colors, and lines, it makes pleasant sounds with pianos, movable geometrical block graphics, etc. These help to exercise the baby’s vision, hearing, and touch. Promote brain development during walking and playing with toys.

Thanks to the rubber ring on the wheel, it increases the friction and will not move too fast to make the baby fall. It should be noted that it is safer for beginners to use a sit-in walker. When the baby is about 9 months old, it is the best time to use this push walker.

Baby Push Walker with Toy

push walker for babies


  • Lots to play with
  • Enhance the child’s mind play


  • Not appropriate for baby’s under 9 months of age


Do you want a push walker with many toys in one? This push baby walker is an interactive sit-to-stand baby walker that comes with a removable play panel. The stable triangle structure makes the walker not easy to roll over.

You will be surprised by its colorful front board. It features a lot of three-dimensional patterns of small animals, basic numbers, letters, pictures, and geometric squares. Kids are easily attracted by the patterns above for hours.

Most plastic push walkers are light. Although it makes them easy to carry, also increases the chance of rollover. However, the designer of this walker has an ingenious design that perfectly solves this problem. It is equipped with a water storage tank at the bottom, which can be used to put water, rice, beans, and other heavy objects so that its center of gravity is lowered and cannot be easily pushed.

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